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UNDER CONSTRUCTION! The Survive the Nights Wiki is still very early in it's development. Some pages may be incomplete or missing entirely.
We will do our best to continually update pages as in-game content & features are confirmed. Check in periodically for updated information!


Survive the Nights will soon be moving into Community Alpha! Shortly after that, critical bugs permitting, STN will move to Steam Early Access. Announcements will be made when the Community Alpha goes live, stay tuned!</div>

STN Alpha Versioning & Current Build

The versioning for the Survive the Nights Alpha will start at 1.X.X using the following format: 'ContentUpdateRollover.ContentUpdate.BugFixesAndSmallChanges'.
The 'X' values in 1.X.X will increase as content updates & bug fixes/small changes are rolled out to the community.

You can find STN's current version, game additions, and fixes by visiting the STN Change Log. You can also track what is in the works for the next patch.
Visit often to see what's new with each patch and what's planned on being implemented in the near future!

You can find the latest STN news & announcements updates here on the Official STN Forums. Visit often to catch up on the latest developments! </div>