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Old Town - Black Island’s first established settlement. Many generations of people have called it their home.
Black Rock - Local fishing port known for it’s fresh catches and fantastic ocean views.
Addersfield - Popular quaint suburban area. People come from nearby towns to shop or attend school here.
Sage Creek - Home to a blue collar community. Many of it’s inhabitants are employed at Union Point Power Plant.
Union Point - Large industrial city that offers a mix of urban and suburban living.

Lakes & Rivers

Lake Baron - Deep and mysterious lake that has been the center of many strange events.
Steelwater Reservoir - Supplies the majority of drinking water to the population of Black Island.
Baron Creek - Flows from Lake Baron into Hawthorne River.
Crestwood River - Flows from the Steelwater Reservoir providing water to the northern areas of the island.
Hawthorne River - Longest river on Black Island which was used as a main shipping route from east to west of the island before the roads were constructed.

Points of Interest

Addersfield Airport - Small airport that makes getting on/off Black Island a much easier task.
Union Point Power Station - Black Island’s only power plant supplies coal powered electricity to all substations.
Mount Baron - Highest point on Black Island. Legend has said there is a bald noob frequently circling it’s peak.
Pinewood Peaks - Secluded pet-friendly and family oriented campsite. Rent a cabin, enjoy the picnic spots or take nature walks on the hiking trails.
Tamarack Pass - Nestled path between two steep hilly ranges. It can be a great spot for hiking and climbing.
Shadow Hills - Large open area of hilly terrain. A favorite hunting ground for many locals.
Walden Forest - Large pine forest that is home to much of the island's native wildlife.
Crestwood Forest - Central pine forest with scenic views. Lookout points can be found upon it's many hills.
Griffin Pass - Part of the first major thoroughfare between the east and west coasts.
Greenlight Bay - Locals have claimed to see a mysterious steamy mist and green light over this tranquil bay during the evening hours.
Turtlehead Bay - Home to a colony of snapping turtles. Locals have been known to report strange odors coming from the area.
Black Ridge Prison - Housing for Black Island's criminals.
Craven Cove - Small sheltered inlet that has provided locals with excellent fishing for many years.